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Rob Gilmour - Wealth Simplicity

Rob Gilmour - Wealth Simplicity

Rob Gilmour is a wealth manager helping private clients to understand their money choices. He’s a self-confessed financial nerd and offers a range of skills from accounting and law to financial planning.

He was first introduced me to the world of investing by his father. He was fascinated by economics at university; being able to see the big picture of how money and finance connect the world.

The financial advice industry is beset by problems, often of its own making. Worse, it has become dominated by large institutions and firms that pass off product sales as advice.

The only way he could do what he loved and uphold his personal values, was to set up on his own, and In June 2014 he started MORE Wealth Management.

Today he lives in Sydney with his wife and three children, and his business has taken the next evolutionary step to become Rob Gilmour Wealth Simplicity.

He's a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and an Accredited Financial Planner (AFP) with the Financial Planning Association (FPA). He's been admitted as a solicitor in NSW, holds a Certificate of Legal Practice and, having completed a Masters of Applied Finance, specialises in investments.