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Vince Scully - Life Sherpa

You don’t have to be rich to have a financial plan.

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Vince Scully - Life Sherpa

Vince Scully is the founder of Life Sherpa and author of “The Latte Fallacy and other Money Myths” (the book that taught a new generation how to do money).

For 35 years he’s helped people get more from their money.

As an accountant, financial planner and mortgage broker he’s worked with people just starting out with very little money and lots of debt as well as clients with millions of dollars in retirement savings.

A decade ago, he sold his previous advice practice to Mark Bouris and was tired.

Tired of the same old money advice that didn’t work in today’s world; tired of financial advisors only wanting to deal with people who have lots of money and tired of the complexity, shame and guilt created around money.

"I would challenge anyone to read a PDS for any super fund and tell me what the fund is actually invested in and how it does it"

He knew there had to be a better, easier way. And that’s why he created Life Sherpa.

Not only is Life Sherpa online financial advice accessible to everyone, but it applies the winning philosophy of connecting personal finance with a psychological approach to financial independence.

Life Sherpa is all about the members.

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Life Sherpa is dedicated to guiding everyday people to their own personal financial summit. Selling a product or report just doesn’t cut it. People need understanding, guidance and inspiration to achieve meaningful change.

Life Sherpa is about sharing knowledge and being available to help overcome the common hurdles when it comes to managing money. Life Sherpa guidance is personally tailored according to your budget and life circumstances.

Vince Scully Life Sherpa