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    Talking Companies

    A Podcast for Companies - In Their Own Words

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  • About Us

    We are delighted to announce the launch of the new "Talking Companies" podcast to be co-hosted by Shares for Beginners, Phil Muscatello and Coffee Microcaps, Mark Tobin.


    Talking Companies' aim is to educate retail investors about the business behind the ticker.


    This podcast strives to give retail investors a solid overview of a company in terms of

    1. What the company does
    2. Where the company operates
    3. What's the company's growth strategy
    4. Upcoming milestones for investors to look for

    The focus of the podcast is understanding the business rather than recent results and valuation.


    Talking Companies will provide the retail investor with a solid overview of the company and its strategy. The podcast offers a jumping-off point for further research and/or discussion with their broker or advisor.


    Participation in the podcast is open to companies from all sectors and market capitalisation.


    The podcast is available on all major podcast platform such as Apple & Spotify. Episodes can be embedded on your company website or shared via social media. Podcast interviews are content production resources that can be re-used by:


    • Transcription to extract short written posts for social media.
    • Creation of audiograms for social media.
    • Creating blog posts.
    • Pulling quotes/facts for use on social media.
    • Creation of electronic press releases

    News and updates can be inserted into podcast audio as it comes to hand.

  • The Team

    We're Talking Companies.

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    Mark Tobin - The Analyst

    Coffee Microcaps

    Mark has been passionate about finding "undiscovered" microcap stocks ever since he began his career as an equity analyst in Sydney.

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    Phil Muscatello - The Communicator

    Shares for Beginners Podcast

    Phil hosts and produces podcasts aimed at educating investors, sharing knowledge of markets and telling the story of new & innovative companies.

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    If you want to hear your company talking on Talking Companies get in touch

  • Disclaimer

    The information in the podcast and this website is for educational purposes only. It is not financial advice, and you should not buy or sell any investments based on information provided. Any opinion or commentary is the view of the interviewee and does not reflect the views of Talking Companies. This podcast and website does not replace professional advice regarding your personal financial needs, circumstances or current situation. Companies participating in the podcast may have contributed to the cost of production on this podcast. The hosts may or not hold shares directly in any of the companies which present on the the podcast.